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Back by popular demand, the Bass Assassin Logger Toad gives anglers a loud buzzing-style soft plastic toad that produces some of the most violent, heart-stopping topwater blowups imaginable. Equipped with a streamlined body and a molded hook slot, the Logger Toad allows for perfect weedless rigging and the ability to get in and out of the tightest cover with ease.

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Weight 0.1475 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 8 × 4.25 in

Black, Bullfrog, Chico's Red Ear, Florida Frog, Gold Rush, Green Pumpkin, Icicle, St. John's Special, Watermelon Red Glitter, Watermelon Red Glitter Pearl Belly, White

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Family owned and operated; Bass Assassin Lures is a soft plastic fishing lure manufacturer. We have been around for 30+ years. No matter what type of fish you’re trying to catch; we’ve got something that will do the trick!
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