take a kid fishingIt’s easy to forget that fishing is something you learn. Whether you had a natural desire to fish or someone taught you how to appreciate the fine sport of angling, few are born fishermen. In light of this, remember to take your kids fishing. Not only will you be giving them a love of nature and building up important skills like patience and observation, you’ll also be spending quality time with your family. So where to begin? Here are some resources to help you get started:

There is a good article on Taking Your Kids Fishing at A Parenting Tweens. They cover fishing basics, what fishing equipment you’ll need, what to do when you get a catch and some other useful tips. Whether or not your child is in the “tween” age group, they offer good advice for taking your kids fishing or anyone new to fishing in general.

For additional helpful tips, visit Teach Your Kids to Fish over at About.com. Ben Koller talks about enjoying the outdoors and just remembering to keep the experience fun and focus on the kids fishing. You might you’re idea of the perfect day out fishing, but this is a new world for your kids, so be patient with them as they learn to fish. He mentions to mash the hook’s barb flat with pliers to make it easier to unhook the fish and the parents!

Maybe you’re new to fishing too and just looking for something to do with your kids outdoors. Take a trip over to How to Fish at TakeMeFishing.org. There are all types of fishing and each has it’s own path to a successful outing. From fishing equipment, to how to land a fish, to finding a good place to fish in your area, it looks like a good place to start.

Oh … and don’t forget to take a dip in our Fishing Forum to read how others like to fish with Bass Assassin Lures!