I was introduced to Bass Assassin lures while fishing Red fish and Sea trout in south Texas. They worked so well that I thought why not bring some back to Minnesota and try them up here in the northland with my guide service. These lures can catch fish anywhere! I caught my personal best walleye 31 1/2 inches on a sea shad with a chartreuse tail. I use them for bass, walleye and northern pike with great success.
Lynn Harker, Minnesota Fishing Guide
Just recently I caught my personal best Speckled trout on a walk in wade. 32″ 9.5 lbs, she was caught ‘double tapping’ a Saltwater Assasin Die Dapper on a Bass Assasin Pro Elite 1/16th ounce jig head.
Bay Grinder, Laguna Madre
I’d like to thank Capt. Frank Bourgeois from Always Fishing Charters for donating a box of assorted Bass Assassin, Salt Water Assassin Lures for our May Sea Trout Tournament. Each entree got a couple in the Diddy Bags we give to them for entering our tournament. You might think we gave them gold when they saw them. The lures helped to make our tournament a big success. Thanks to Bass Assassin and Capt Frank for their generosity.
Emil Tuch, Port Hudson Fishing Club
Your 4″ Sea Shad Glow has been the most productive lure I have ever fished here in the backwaters and flats of Homosassa, FL. In 0 to 3 ft. depths for Trout and Redfish, I nose hook this lure with a 2 live bait hook (wife 2 circle hook) and fish as a jerk bait. In fast water or water over 3 ft. I fish this lure on your Bass Assassin 1/8 oz. jighead. All species eat this lure. That being said, on a recent trip to New England I decided to try this lure in fresh water on a jig head. The weather was terrible and the streams and rivers swollen and muddy. However, in about a total of 1 hour of fishing in 3 different streams I caught the largest Rock Bass I’ve ever seen, a Yellow Perch, and in some fairly clear water, 2 Large Mouth Bass and the biggest Small Mouth Bass I’ve ever seen.
T. Martin, Homosassa Florida
Running a proFISHional guide service for over 22 years means not only putting clients on FISH, but seeing that they BOAT FISH, especially youngsters! For over 20 years as part of the Bass Assassin Pro Staff, the lures made in Mayo, FL have allowed me to do just that! I was introduced to Bass Assassin by my late Dad, Raleigh Seifert, in about 1985. He took me to the plant for a tour and I got to meet the whole team, the best people on earth to work with. Bass Assassin Shads, worms, and craws consistently catch bass for our clients. When your reputation in on the line, when a payday is depending on your clients to catch fish, and when every trick in the bag hauls nothing but water, Bass Assassin lures put fish ON DECK!! Whether it’s the action of the Shad Assassins or the cooked in scent, there simply is no equal in our arsenal!
Mike Seifert, Millwood Lake Guide Service