perfect fishing tripWhat comes to mind when you think of the perfect fishing trip? Do you think of hit the water in your boat and catching the biggest bass ever? Or possibly the perfect fishing trip for you involves catching a small number of fish, but just being out in the water all day enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. The perfect fishing trip is many things to many people.

Here are some places to get a new perspective on just what “the perfect fishing trip” is all about:

Ron Brooks of shares several of his personal stories in “A Perfect Fishing Trip.” He describes his young desire to score the biggest catch each trip and how that transitioned to a desire to share fishing with those closest to him in some of the most memorable trips of his life.

Of course, maybe you have yet to decide what you want out of your perfect fishing trip. Choosing the Perfect Fishing Trip Destination briefly begins to ask the questions that would lead to the perfect fishing trip. What kind of fish do you want to catch and how much? How much do you want to spend? Where do you want to fish? These beginning questions will spark your mind into pinning down just what you want out of “the perfect fishing trip.”

And when you finally do decide where you want to go, be sure to stock up on some of our BANG fish attractant so you’ll make your perfect fishing trip a success.